Lisa & Johan, Malmö wedding

One year ago Lisa proposed to her Johan on the same place they had their wedding – in Lisa’s childhood home. Welcome to the wonderful garden wedding outside Malmö.
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Matilda & Christopher, Glumslöv

Matilda and Christopher are one of the most creative couples I’ve met. Please take a look at their wonderful DIY wedding in an old barn in Fredshög, Glumslöv. Just amazing!
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Anna & Marcus, Ellinge slott

Just like me, Anna and Marcus are born in Eslöv and by that we already had a connection. Immediately they made me laugh and just after a few minutes on Skype I knew we were going to have so much fun.
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Fredrik & Alex, Malmö wedding

When I met Alex and Fredrik for the first time my gut feeling told me this would be an incredibly fun and different wedding shoot. They are very creative people and our minds synced immediately. The day before the wedding we also arranged a pre-shoot to let loose and play in the beautiful evening light and darkness of Malmö.
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Emma & Anders, Vaxholm

I had the privilege to follow my friend Emma and her true love Anders becoming wife and husband on the lovely archipelago island Vaxholm in Stockholm. See more here>>


Hermine & Björn, Stora Mosskullen

This gorgeous couple is remarkable. The dark clouds surrounded the day and when the rain started to pour down you could really see the warm vibrations of their love for each other. Nothing could stop them. See more here>>