About Me


I have always considered myself a modern nomad. My eternal search for home has taken me to places I never knew existed. My missionary ancestors and mother from another country, might be the reason to this eager to explore. When I found photography as a way to meet people and see places I found a way to get closer to home.

Malmö is my home town and I live here with my partner and our adopted cat. The multicultural vibe here makes me feel I’m always travelling in a way. And when I really have to fly off, Copenhagen Airport is just a 20 minutes away. I love food (who doesn’t?) and Malmö surely delivers. Whether we feel like having Indian food in a restaurant or cook it at home all you need is just outside the door and as a vegetarian there are mucho of tasty choices. Whenever I find the time I’m always up for a night out of dancing. If I rather want to do daytime dancing I just take a dance class. As long as my body is grooving I’m happy.

With a passion for communication a creative career has always been a natural choice for me. After receiving a diploma in graphic design from Berghs SoC in Stockholm and a year of communication studies in Melbourne Australia I decided to work as a graphic designer within advertising. In 2015 I started my own business within photography. Photography started as a way to express myself and after years of documenting I got to the point when I found photography more important than to just to my own memories. I wanted to share it with others. From experience I know that the affection of photographs will grow, and memories is something no one can take away from you.

I believe my typical customer is someone who really appreciates the art of photography. When it comes to wedding customers I want to become a good friend and help you remember also the little things that surrounds your day. Mostly I will be in the background, quietly documenting. During portrait sessions I really want you to relax and enjoy the time. Sometimes I can give you instructions and be specific, and it’s all part of the fun. I get many ideas while I’m in my creative buzz and I always welcome you to feel the same. We will simply become a team, enjoying a good time.

Looking forward to meet you!